Criss Angel went to the skies for a stunt at a Las Vegas Raiders' game inside Allegiant Stadium

First, he was strapped into a straitjacket. 

Next, Criss Angel was hooked to a cable that hoisted him up 100 feet into the air.  The Las Vegas Raiders were set to take on the Chicago Bears, and Criss Angel was performing a death-defying stunt inside Allegiant Stadium before the game. 

After he was raised to the sky,  the magician wriggled out of the straitjacket in less than 30 seconds before gracefully plunging back to earth. 

"When I am up there, I have to do my job, stay in the moment, be focused on my mission and not think about anything going wrong," Angel said after the performance. "It's all about focus, and about just trusting the people I have working for me and making sure they to do what they have to do.

The event was part of the NFL's "Crucial Catch: Intercept Cancer" program and included a $50,000 donation to the Johnny Crisstopher Children's Charitable Foundation by Raiders owner Mark Davis. 

"I don't care if you're a Raiders fan, or a Bears fan, at the end of the day, cancer affects all of us... We must raise awareness, raise money and win against cancer," Angel said. 

"I'm ecstatic that the Raiders and Mark Davis thought of me to help raise awareness about all types of cancer. To be part of that was an honor."

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